A Food Affair on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles was such a cool place to try. When I saw that the french onion soup served in this cute little red pot, I knew this place was going was to be a hit:


A Food Affair

It’s served with some fresh thyme on the bottom of the plate as you can see! I sprinkled that thing liberally into my french onion soup. The soup tasted silky and smooth with right amount of sweetness and salty-ness.

Part of French tradition, I ordered the beef bourguignon. It came with some paparadelle-looking pasta and it didn’t taste very heavy. Although, it  needed some more flavor. beef bourguignon

I just LOVE the plating. It’s quaint and adorable.

The fascinating thing about this french restaurant is that they don’t serve alcohol!! For someone like me that doesn’t crave the taste of alcohol, this was great! I felt like I wasn’t pressured into drinking a glass of wine or anything. For those who do crave that buzz, they have alcohol-less beer.

You might be judging hard — a french restaurant that doesn’t serve alcohol?! well, I think it takes a lot of… courage to do so and I applaud their effort.

Anyway, the decor is eclectic – it’s a mix of vintage and metal. I love it. It’s fresh and different from most french restaurants on the westside of Los Angeles. or all of Los Angeles, actually. It doesn’t feel “stuffy”