The perfect harmony of comfort and style is an age-old struggle. It just becomes even more important when you’re travelling. And I’m someone who tries to be prepared when traveling. TRIES. Doesn’t mean I succeed all the time but the effort is what counts. Here’s a list of features and articles of clothing that are very useful for travelling or going about your busy every day life.

1 – Pockets. POCKETS.

Pockets are uh-amazing. Who doesn’t love pockets? In fact, it’s infuriating that most female articles of clothing lack pockets and yet I see it on guys’ clothing all the time. We women actually have a ton of stuff to carry, we definitely need pockets more. I get it we have a purse, but why do we always have to carry a purse. Have you tried not wearing a purse? It’s pretty darn liberating!

Dear retailers, please sell more pants/skirts/everything with pockets.

Also, I know this sounds weird, but not providing pockets might be an implication of societal oppression. I didn’t even think it could be possible but this video makes an interesting point. Here are some of my favorite items with pockets. You’re going to need pockets when the weather gets cold. Where else are you going to keep your snow mittens when you’re holding that warm cup of eggnog in front of the fire?

Lazy Pants with Pockets

I call these my lazy pants. It’s what I wear at home after being in stiff corporate attire all-day for work. It comes with pockets.

(Extra bonus love since these pants feature Pusheen, my spirit animal)

Work Dresses with Pockets

Seriously, where else do I put my phone? Running to meetings would be so much easier.


Gym Shorts with Pockets

OK, so there’s less of a reason to put pockets on active wear but a pocket always comes in handy.

2 – Little purses

Get a little purse that’s light, compact and securely closes. Great for travel and stylish as well. I keep this purse with me when traveling. It hides perfectly under jackets to ward off those pick pocketers.

3- Northface Windbreaker Jacket

It has multiple pockets to hold your passport, hotel room key, cash, etc. while traveling on the inside pockets. Keeps those pick pocketers at bay. It’s pretty durable for your day and nighttime adventures.

4 – Rainboots

When you’re travelling in the wintertime (to score those awesome off season plane tickets and hotel reservations!) rain boots are bulky but nothing sours a carefully planned vacation than a rain in your shoes. Rain boots make me feel invincible and I hope they also have the same effect for you. Also, forget about the naysayers who say that rain boots aren’t cool. They can stay inside while you dance in the rain.

5- Phone protector

You never know when you’ll need to take a photo when it’s raining or snowing or while lounging in the pool. Or you could just wing it and risk dropping your precious life – I mean your precious phone – into the water/snow/toilet/etc.


6 Portable Luggage Scale

Now that fall is here, you’ll need a luggage scale when you’re packing a bunch of sweaters that weigh like 10x more than a summer shirt. Also, I never thought I’d need one until the day that we tried to pack about a dozen souvenirs into one check in bag and it barely missed the 50 lb limit. It was quite scary because I would end up tossing it into the trash can while the airlines rep glared at me as I held up the line to check in my bag. Avoid the nail-biting suspense as your luggage tips the scale and the annoyed flight attendant as you check in your bags and get a luggage scale. I have this one:

Digital Luggage Scale

What’s your favorite fall item? Do you have any of these items handy?