Seafood served in a pineapple. Pork belly tacos. Giant soup dumplings the size of your hand. Ombré colored drinks.

Those are just some of the highlights of the weekend food fair in downtown LA famously named Smorgasburg.

The food and miscellaneous vendors are LA classic favorites like churros, tacos, and ramen burgers (although the ramen burger may have had its run as it noodled up the foodie nation a few years ago). Not only did we have fun trying interesting food, but we also enjoyed sensory experiences by smelling soy candles and eyeing some flowers from a flower truck.

The lines got pretty crazy. Did I ever think I’d wait A WHOLE HOUR for garlic shrimp served in a pineapple from Shrimp Daddy ($16-$18)? No m’am but thank goodness for friends who keep you replenished in line with Lychee Butterfly Pea juice ($8) from Popdup.

The sun was shining and blazing. With not much shade cover waiting in line, I’d recommend bringing a cap or sun hat. Once you grab your food,  there are some picnic-like benches with umbrellas in the lot with the food vendors or there are some places to sit at the entrance to the fair.


Some tips:

  • Avoid holiday weekends. The lines are ridiculous.
  • If you are in line and in a group, split up and get food for each other.
  • Bring cash because some vendors will charge around 10% more for credit card
  • Parking is free for 2 hours, anything over is $4.50 per hour