Best Gift List

It’s that stressful time of year, but jingle your bells because this post includes some thoughtful gift ideas for the holidays. This is Day 7 of my 12 Days of Blogmas. 

I haven’t been feeling well, but I’ve had some time to ruminate on gifts, the holiday season, the meaning of consumerism, how much waste is produced each season, how much electricity is wasted on holiday lighting and whether it’s worth all the holiday cheer that we’re shoving down people’s…you know what, I’ll pump the brakes on this  (don’t ask me about my existentialist crisis).

Although the best gift are the ones that are personal, sometimes you’ve just got to bite the consumerism bullet to participate in that Secret Santa or other annoying “obligatory” gift giving situation you find yourself in!

1. Customized shirts that support good causes

You know what says  I care about the current events of the world and want to wear it on my body for everyone to see and comment on?

A tee shirt like this from Teespring where a portion of your purchase is donated to the relevant charity.

All joking aside, I designed these shirts from Teespring and the proceeds ARE donated to the California Wildfire Relief Fund.

The sales are allocated accordingly to the California Wildfire Relief Fund.


best gift california wilfire relief

best gift california wildfire relief

best gift california wildfire relief

It makes for a great gift for someone who was affected or cares about the cause.

I envision these supportive shirts to be included in some sort of care package that can be sent to those who lost their homes/are homeless.

Food, clothing, toiletries, all the essentials in a box to the ones still living in tents (link to the New York Times article) because their home/town was literally burned to the ground.

Buy a sweater to keep you warm while also doing some good charity from the comfort of your home.

Sounds easy?

2. Personalized marble cheeseboards

Does that special someone like cheese? These marble cheeseboards are beautiful. Even if they end up sitting on your kitchen counter, collecting dust, at least it’ll collect dust in style and with class?

It’s great for anyone’s instagram food photography game and you can get it with the letter of your name or brand.

I bought this one from Williams-Sonoma. You may recognize it from my delicate shortbread cookie with *no eggs* recipe.

shortbread cookie recipe on marble

3. Airlines Gift cards

Sometimes we just have to get away from it all.

Buy an airline gift card and pair it with a beach-y card, saying “you deserve some R&R” and bam, you’ve covered 99% of overworked Americans.

Your options include

  • buy an airline gift card through which offers you 5-10% off the price of a giftcard. Use my link to get $5 off your first gift card.
  • Get a gift card for free: Apply for the Amex Rose Gold Premier like I did (Get all the amazing perks) and use the credit that they already give you from having the card towards an airline giftcard!
    • First you have to go through the American Express website to select the carrier you’d like to use the airline credit for.
    • Then you go directly to the airline website to buy the gift card using your American Express credit card.
      • For example, if you want a Southwest gift card using the American Express credit, you go to American Express site –>
        • Select Southwest as the selected airline for your airline credit –>
        • Go to Southwest website –>
        • Buy Southwest gift card using American Express credit card

american express rose gold premier credit card

4. Business card holders

This gift is perfect for people starting out in their careers. When I first got one, I thought the person who gave it to me was so thoughtful of thinking of me and my career. It also doubles as a mirror!

I received this one from katespade


5. Customized wine bottles

For your more sophisticated uncles and aunts, give them customized wine bottles with their names on them. It goes great in their wine cellars that cost more than your college tuition. These wine bottles are so elegant and fabulous.

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