Imagine walking up an endless flight of stairs to a giant, serene Buddha on a mountain. These stairs to the Buddha on the mountain in Hong Kong…

hktokyo 031

We raced up the stairs, past all the thick canopy of trees and fog

hktokyo 045

(These scenic pictures remind me of ancient Chinese paintings with the fog creeping around mountainsides)

And we made it! Psh, stairs? #crushedit. #fatamywouldbeproud. (For those of you who understood that reference, can we sing a G sharp for how awesome you are? (; )

Lo and behold, the Buddha and its majesty

hktokyo 042This picture can’t really capture the awesomeness of this monument. This Buddha is sitting atop a mountain and overlooking the people below. I can’t imagine how heavy these statues are.

These three ladies were amazingly impressive. A random guy’s head for some perspective on the size of these statues

hktokyo 044


There’s a temple in Ngong Ping Village as well.

hktokyo 046


The feeling of standing atop a mountain after a long run up a flight of stairs is pretty exhilarating! As I scanned the lush green rolling hills in the distance and the large gray blocks of concrete jutting out from Hong Kong’s city center, I felt humbled by the sprawl before me.

How did they transport these statues that probably weigh tons and tons? How old is this mountain? Why did they make these statues? All these questions flow through my mind.


Well! What must come up, what must down, so it’s time for us to climb and hopefully not tumble down these stairs. Let’s do this.