I visited all 6 Disney Parks in the world (Yes, there are 6!) Here’s everything you need to know!

If you’d like some background, I started my journey to visit all Disney parks in the world as a high school student. It was the best time to go since my travel buddy and I still had winter breaks (before work started) and being the type of people to make bucket lists and check lists, a tour of the Disney parks seemed perfect (also, this happened before all that college debt kicked in, thank goodness for free public high school!). We love to travel and Disney has a pretty good international… presence per se (is world domination a better term?). My travel buddy actually started very young and so I tagged along as we met in school!

I’m finally getting around to writing this blog post! FINALLY!

Where are the Disney parks in the world?

There are 6 Disney parks at the moment (per Bob Iger’s 2018 Q3 earnings call…they might build more parks in Asia in the future). Here are the lands along with their multiple parks.

  1. Disneyland (the OG, the original, the 1st, Walt’s baby) in Anaheim, California, USA
    1. Disneyland
    2. Disney California Adventures
  2. Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA
    1. Epcot
    2. Animal Kingdom
    3. Magic Kingdom
    4. Hollywood Studios
    5. Blizzard Beach (water park that isn’t owned by Disney, but on Disney property)
    6. Typhoon Lagoon (water park that isn’t owned by Disney, but on Disney property)
  3. Disney Paris in France
    1. Disneyland
    2. Walt Disney Studios
  4. Tokyo Disney in Japan
    1. Tokyo Disneyland
    2. Tokyo Disney Sea
  5. Hong Kong Disney in China
  6. Shanghai Disney in China

Which Disney park is the best?

I’m asked this question all the time! It’s a fair question… but keep in mind all the Disney parks are unique and offer special experiences. There isn’t one Disney park that is the same from the others. The culture, food, and the people are all part of the experience, so I wouldn’t generalize them all. You have to appreciate the diversity in the experience and the imagination.

Each park was special in its own way. I’ll touch upon what I liked most about each park below…

Me and my travel buddy at all disney parks in the world

Clockwise From top left: Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, Disneyland Anaheim, Disney World, Shanghai

Do they all cost the same in park admission tickets?

Caveating this answer in many ways (in US Dollars, as of this writing), I visited Shanghai Disneyland and it was the cheapest at around $70 USD when we visited. Disneyland uses a range of prices (peak vs. non-peak… or it’s called something nicer like”value” now) but I’ve seen the price shoot up to $180 for a park hopper (1 ticket gets you into the 2 parks on the same day: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure). Again, the price may change depending on the currency exchange rates, the day, how many parks you’re visiting, travel packages, etc. Shanghai Disneyland is the cheapest ticket price, while Disneyland in Anaheim can be the priciest. Disney World can also be very expensive considering that each park is an additional ticket. The 1-day park hopper at Disney World can be around $190 USD. If you want a multi-day park hopper, it goes up to over $200.

disney park tickets

Disneyland California

Which Disney park in the world has the best food?

As a foodie, I do care about the food even at an amusement park! I mean, amusement parks don’t have to be all funnel cakes and fried butter, right?

I love the creations at Tokyo Disneyland. Look at these cute little green men dumplings for 360 Yen ($3 USD)!

disney tokyo little green men dumpling snacks

Also, this steamed meat bun is in the shape of an adorable mickey hand:

Also, Tokyo Disney offers 7 flavors of popcorn! Yes, you read that right – 7. flavors. of. popcorn. So do you know what I did? I tried all of them. ALL the popcorn. From milk tea to jalapeno cheese, which flavor of popcorn was the best? Read my blog post here. 

Honorable mention goes to Disney Paris for offering mulled wine. This hot cup of red wine was a nice treat during the winter in Paris:

disney paris mulled wine

I think Shanghai Disney has a ton of cute food as well. There’s even mickey shaped boba in peach tea served in a mickey shaped container. Read about my experience at Shanghai Disneyland here 

round mickey ears with peach tea and gummies imposed in front of shanghai disney castle

Peach green tea with mickey shaped gummies

But how could I forget the amazing range of exotic foods from Disney World?! From the flavors of Africa to Asia to Europe, the variety offered is astounding. I can have samosas in “Nepal” and have gelato in “Italy” at Epcot in Disney World in a matter of minutes! I’ve also tried the boba in “China” at Disney World but I think $6 for hard boba is a hard pass.

Hong Kong Disney is also famous for their Disney shaped dim sum which is super cute!

Which Disney park in the world has the best rides?

Disney World Epcot

I’m considering the thrill factor across all the parks for this one. I think Disney World’s Mission Space in Epcot is one ride that is out-of-this-world. You are being blasted off to space in a rocket. With each person assigned a role like Engineer or Pilot, the ride is a bit interactive. When you’re about to land, the ride will tell the Engineer to press a button to deploy something to prepare for landing (if you don’t do it, the ride will still go on, don’t worry!) Also, the ride has two experiences: green or orange.  Green means you will feel nothing. Orange is the one that is very thrilling. In fact, it feels so much like you’re being blasted off and tearing through the atmosphere, there are vomit bags in the rocket ship and the exit route. They are helpful because I have used one! TMI?

Disney Paris

I also felt like the rides in Disney Paris were faster than the ones in the US like Space Mountain felt faster in Paris. I also heard that they ARE faster. The rollercoaster based on Finding Nemo, Crush’s coaster, is super fun as you’re riding along in a gradually rotating turtle shell!

Shanghai Disneyland

Being so new, Shanghai Disneyland has an advantage in employing the latest technology to develop truly immersive rides. Pirates of the Caribbean uses IMAX screens to submerge you into the depths of Davy Jones’ locker. Buzz Lightyear is super responsive (we were able to hit 1 million points+ unlike the one in LA where I’m not even sure where I’m pointing the laser) Also TRON! How can anyone forget Tron? You’re riding a motorcycle-like unit inside and outside, racing in a futuristic world. Read more about my experience on Tron here

Also, Challenge Trails at Shanghai Disney is AMAZING! We scaled waterfalls, walked tightropes, and hopped across platforms high above the ground.

challenge trails course waterfall with walkway scaling the waterfall

We were connected to a rope while scaling a wall next to a waterfall (Challenge Trails, Shanghai Disney)

Also, there are plenty of notable rides but it depends on what type of experience you’re looking for. If you’re into safaris, Animal Kingdom in Disney World has an entire safari trek in which you can spot all types of animals in their “natural habitat.”

Which park is the worst Disney park?

I write about this at my blog post here. 


 What are the best Disney hotels in the world?

I’ve stayed at some Disney hotels all over the world, but I’ll have to devote another post for this topic!

Now that I’ve visited all the parks, you don’t have to go through all the pain and excitement associated with it!

Or, do you want to? Do you need pixie dust in your life?

oprah out here giving everyone disney tickets

*and the exhaustion, temporary dehydration, and bank account depletion


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