It’s as dry as a dessert in the middle of this winter. For day 11 of my 12 days of blogmas. I’m reviewing our humidifier and air purifier to keep the house cozy and warm this winter season. I don’t write product reviews often but these products were useful in combating the dry air. 

Humidifying Strategies

The first “product” we tried is the good old fashioned water in a bowl. If you haven’t tried this, it actually works to a certain extent. If your room is small, the added presence of a pool of a water does make the air more moist.


Such a funny word.

However, sometimes you live in a mansion and don’t need a humidifier because your butler sprays the air every five minutes have a bigger room and a more active source of moisture would be more helpful.

Or, maybe, the air is just so dry!

Try this humidifier we bought from Amazon. It’s not like the others on Amazon because it’s a bit cheaper and easier to clean.

It produces a very visible mist that might make the room a bit foggy. It reminds me of being in a room with a light fog machine.

The best part of this air purifier aside from the easy cleaning and cool mist is how quiet it is.

I’m a light sleeper so it helps that this humidifier is very quiet.


Air Purifying

We wake up with the problem of the air being so darn dry or filled with allergens that our throats are itchy!

We tried this quite quaint little air purifier from Honeywell.

It’s perfect for small rooms. We live in an apartment so it works.

Three settings to help purify the air and also get rid of odors! Perfect for when we burn the cookies in the oven…

Try this air purifier. It runs quite loudly but does the job!

Take away the dry air and bothersome allergens to save the holidays. Then get your shopping on! Does the air feel more spirit-y all of a sudden?

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