Try these hacks that are inspired by things you can find around the house or the office. The best part is that they’re low cost and convenient for your everyday life. I discovered these as I was trying to find more ways to use one household or office item to reduce waste and be more environmentally aware.

1. Need to re-seal a bag of chips? Use binder clips as as chip bag clasp

chip bag clasp! chip bag clasp! (it’s hard to say it three times fast, isn’t it?) Usually when co-workers at the office throw away those large powerpoint decks or stacks of paper, they throw the binder clip away with it :(((( NOOO! Grab that useful piece of metal and give it purpose again. Did I mention that binder clips are super useful for a lot of things?

2. Seeking a super easy shoe freshener? Try laundered dryer sheets tucked into shoes!

Doing laundry once a week = 1 dryer sheet per week so soon enough you’ll have dryer sheets for each pair of shoes! Best part, this is technically free and requires no work. Reusing these used laundry sheets instead of throwing them away means reducing waste.

3. Tea bags tucked into shoes

Tea bags look neater than the dryer sheets, but does require some money. They’re still cheap though. Buy them at from your local store in a box for like $4 for 10!

4. Ginger and/or garlic in brown paper bag

EVERYONE, this food hack actually works. Out of all the food hacks I’ve heard of, this one does keep the ginger and garlic from spoiling. So, keep your ginger and/or garlic in a brown paper bag away from the fridge and keep them in a dry, cool place.

5. Stack shoe boxes on a shoe rack

Having too many shoes, but not enough space is a #fwp. But this is still an issue when one doesn’t want to buy another shoe rack (they’re kind of expensive and I’m on a budget so that I can have vacays instead of buying shoe racks). So what do you do? Don’t throw away the shoe box that your shoe came in. Use it to stack your shoes on top of each other! Look at how many more pairs we can fit on a single rack with the help of another tier of boxes.