Day 6 of my 12 days of Blogmas where I’m posting everyday for the next 12 days: Best Restaurants 2018

This year we discovered restaurants that created amazing memories. I feel like my memory is escaping me more these days. I really don’t want to forget the restaurants that we visited. From the food to the staff, there’s a lot that I don’t want to slip into the abyss of my mind. Also, after one visits multiple cities, it’s understandable that the location of certain restaurants gets muddled up. Henceforth, I present the 2018 list of Best Restaurants as determined by Glo and Jo.

Here’s a list of the highlights of these Glorious Restaurants that left us thinking, when can we go back?

P.S. all the restaurant names link to Yelp pages if you need location info and reviews. I hope Yelp is still alive years from now but if not the links will be dead and I will need to be notified by thoughtful readers. Also, maybe, just suggesting, putting it out there, that Yelp could, perhaps, maybe, make me Elite Status, it would help their good karma points.

Los Angeles


It’s unassuming exterior belies the masterful cuisine that embodies the spirit of the seasons through the kaiseki courses.

Whether it’s wagyu beef served on a warm, orange leaf or the most tender and comforting uni dish you’ve ever tasted, the set menu is one for the books.

Tags: Celebratory fine dining occasion, dinner date

n/naka restaurant



Nobu Malibu

Eating sushi a few feet from the ocean with the waves lapping below.

Tags: ocean view, steps away from the ocean, upscale casual lunch

nobu malibu

Studio Restaurant at the Montage Hotel (Laguna Beach)

Manicured lawns with a view of the ocean

The oysters with jelly were so interesting and good.

Tags: upscale, oceanview

studio montage laguna beach best restaurant 2018


Japanese barbeque with very tender meat. Jo loves the seaweed salad (Wakame Salad). I want to make this salad recipe at home. If anyone good at cooking has a tip, please share.

Tags: quality barbecue meat


Asian fusion fine dining with modern twist. Glo had the best ocean trout here once and has been craving it ever since.

Tags: upscale Asian fusion

Gwen Butcher Shop

Not a restaurant, but an elevated butcher shop serving the best cured meats/charcuterie. Glo’s personal favorite is the duck speck.

Tags: best charcuterie

gwen best restaurant 2018

San Francisco


Three michelin stars. They served the best lobster: buttery and soft. The server Milton picked an excellent plate of cheeses for us to try.

Tags: celebratory fine dining, dinner date

best restaurants 2018 quince

Dandelion Chocolate

If chocolate had coffee shops, they would be like Dandelion Chocolate (with an open factory in the back). Fun and interactive environment with chocolate samples along the walls and an open chocolate work space in the back. My dad had a blast at this place!

Tags: interactive culinary experience, chocolate lovers rejoice

dandelion chocolate best restaurants 2018


This list is an amalgamation of types of food service from fine dining to chocolate shops. I just don’t want to forget these places. I love food. I love how it brings people together. I want to cherish the memories. Don’t you?

Check out our list of restaurants from last year to see how our tastes have changed or if you’re looking for more!

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