Yes, I believe they are lies. They’re weightless. We just tell ourselves we are going to do something and we believe that we’re going to do it, so much so that we don’t do it.

Was that confusing? Anyway, I’m trying to say that these resolutions are lies to ourselves. I take a pen and paper and I write: “2017 New Years Resolution: Get fit.”

Check in with me in say six months, and I don’t think anything will be different.

How to Own Your Resolution

Now, set a goal that directly says, “Work out twice a week until December.” The goal has to be written explicitly like an action plan and you adhere to it everyday, just like how you check your phone religiously every day before you sleep! It’s the same process, just different motivators. Right? You want to check how many Likes you got on Facebook or Instagram or Facegram–> You got 50 likes? BAM, you feel good. Now, you’re hitting the gym then you ran 20 minutes on the treadmill? BAM! You worked out.

You feel tired (amongst other things — don’t mention the fat jiggling off the legs), but you’re feeling good from the happy, natural neurotransmitters that are pumping throughout your bloodstream from working out. The best part is that YOU controlled how many minutes you clocked in at the treadmill. YOU hit the gym. You didn’t passively wait for this resolution to be true which it probably wouldn’t have, so YOU made it happen. Well, not yet you didn’t make it happen yet. So,

make it happen! Make it happen this year for you. If not for you, then who else? Just. make. it. happen.

Make an Action Plan Resolution

When making a resolution, don’t just go for a lofty goal like “get fit” or “lose weight” or “be kinder.” The resolution must be phrased like an action plan. It must answer the “How?” question.

For example, a lofty goal would be “I want to travel more.” I mean, if this works for you, fine, but I don’t see the HOW of it.

A more successful action plan resolution would be “I want to visit 1 more country in 2017,” or “I want to spend a week in Disney World.”

And you bet it’s going to happen! It’s worked for me every year since 2011.

Stop Deceiving Yourself

So, the point is that the world isn’t just glorious because it happened one day and we just decided to call it glorious. We didn’t lose weight just because we announced to all our friends, families, dogs, cats, co-workers, grandmas, and  social media followers (hey, F4F!! kthx) that our new years resolution was going to be “lose weight.” There are actions involved to get there.

And that’s what the root word of resolution means



Firm or determined; unwavering.

Your resolution means “UNWAVERING,” pal. No wavering. No quitting. No wandering eyes off the prize. No distractions. No candy. No candy from strangers. This brings me to another point,

What should my resolution be?

How do I say this? How do I say this, simply? Given all the events of this world, the normalization of hate speech, the crazy presidential election, the wars happening under our noses? I’m just going to keep it simple and sweet:

Do no harm.

Essentially, don’t be a psychopath or sociopath with your resolution. I shouldn’t have to say it but the internet/world can be a scary and dangerous place. Call it a coping mechanism, but just focus on the glorious part.

How do I start on my resolution?

Call me crazy but you just spent time reading thisss so now it’s time to get to it, no? THE TIME IS NOW