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If you’re anything like me, you would love a packing list to reference and keep yourself sane while traveling. Lists for everything would...

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Who wants to ride first class without paying first class prices? I do!
You’re probably wondering, is it really possible to ride first class without paying an arm and a leg? Or maybe I’m just pulling your leg?
It is possible and this isn’t a short infomercial gimmick. You can fly first class using the science and art that is called travel credit card hacking… Cue the heavenly music!

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We made it to the last Disney park in the world... Shanghai Disneyland. I think I became a different person... Did we think it was worth it?

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I visited all 6 Disney Parks in the world (Yes, there are 6!) Here’s everything you need to know!

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I found this pretty rose gold credit card to be interesting, but where does it rank amongst travel credit cards?

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Welcome to my glorious world!

Two super gal pals creating wholesome content.

San Francisco is my beloved home city, but I’ve spent some of my formative years in sunny Southern California (Los Angeles). I have lived in the best of both worlds… of California.  There’s the whole rest of the world to explore. So, talk foodie to me, picture it for me, and live it up with me.

Eiffel Tower in Paris
Eiffel Tower in Paris

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Best Boba Places – Graded

We’ve traveled all over Los Angeles trying new boba places. Our lives are busy but...

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Day 6 of my 12 days of Blogmas where I’m posting everyday for the next...

My Holiday Gift List 2018 – Things that Say I am Thoughtful!!

Best Gift List It’s that stressful time of year, but jingle your bells because this...

This Card is Better than the Chase Reserve? My Rose Gold Amex Travel Credit Card

I just received my rose gold American Express travel credit card. I’m excited for the...

We Flew First Class for $200!

Who wants to ride first class without paying first class prices? I do! You’re probably...

We tried Stitch Fix, got clothes mailed to us by a stylist for free!

I have mixed feelings towards shopping. I enjoy it but I also don’t…I like going...

The Glorious Food Awards 2017: Best BBQ in LA

See the list of top Korean and Japanese barbeque places in Los Angeles for 2017....

Life Hacks Household Items Part 1.0

Try these hacks that are inspired by things you can find around the house or...

Highlights of Europe: 6 Countries 10 Days 1.0

6 countries in Europe in 10 days. Disney Paris? Castles? Christmas? Fish and chips? Lobster?...

Packing for Dummies version 1.0

Packing Checklist for a Dummy Like Me Version 1.0 If you’re anything like me, you would...

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A Food Affair on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles was such a cool place to try. I saw the french onion soup served in this cute little red pot and...
Imagine walking up an endless flight of stairs to a giant, serene Buddha on a mountain. ...
I traveled to Hong Kong and I didn't anticipate this flight of stairs to climb......
I was told that eating blow fish was dangerous. It contains high amounts of a certain type of deadly poison if it's not cleaned right. Needless to say, my experience...