So, it has come to this: a vegetable slicer to spice things up in our meal prep routine. I bought one of these in hopes that it would cut carbs from my diet and encourage me to eat healthier as it forced me to seek out vegetables to slice. Here’s my personal product review

I made these potato noodles. Not bad?

Glorious Highs:

Easier to use

This hand crank model is much better than the hand spiralizer that I usually see on the internet. This model plants all four legs using suction cups onto the counter for better grip. Then you just use some arm muscle to move the crank. It doesn’t sound easy, but it is.

Since it’s easy to use –> I will use it more often –> I get my money’s worth!


This product comes with three different blades. I predominantly use one of them to make vegetable noodles, but it’s nice having the options. I found it best to work on zucchinis and potatoes. The blades also conveniently slide into the bottom of the apparatus for easy storage. It’s relatively safe and it’s not so easy to slice your finger on the blades so maybe family cooking is a good idea with this one.

Easy to clean

It’s also very easy to clean because the parts are all plastic and slide in and out very easily. I’m not concerned about the fact that it’s plastic because all contact will be made with cold food, so no worries about melting plastic getting into my food.

Good price

The price was around $25 for a kitchen tool that’s easy to use and light weight.

Not-so-glorious Lows:

Food waste

This might contradict my first point about it being easy to use, but sometimes the vegetable needs to be well-positioned, so this apparatus takes some set up. For instance, if I’m trying to vegetable slice a potato, the potato can’t be weirdly shaped… What if I want to use imperfect produce to order organic, oblong shaped vegetables at a lower price point (30-50% less than grocery stores) but it doesn’t fit the vegetable slicer set up?

I mean, there’s an easy solution to this minor problem: cut the vegetable to squarely fit the slicer. It just produces some waste.


No, I don’t mean you should get a grip… or maybe I do. The vegetable slicer sometimes slides on the surface you’re working on. This happened to me a couple times because I was slicing a particularly juicy vegetable. Sometimes we needed all hands on deck to keep the vegetable slicer from moving:

This didn’t happen often though! Just on strange days with extra juicy potatoes…

So, how did we keep the juices/strands of vegetable from getting all over the kitchen? I thought of using saran wrap as a placemat – to cover the counter and the area where the vegetables would be coming out of. Then clean up is very easy. Just lift the saran wrap off with the food waste and toss it!


It doesn’t exactly break apart into tiny parts easier for storage. It might take up some space in your cabinets but I think it really depends on how many kitchen tools you have and your own personal situation.

Glorious rec? Yes

I’d recommend trying it out if you’d like to eat a bit healthier and to mix up your routine. It’s fun and it’s so easy for clean up. However, I’d caution against using this on slippery surfaces and make sure your vegetables are positioned correctly. It takes just a tad bit of practice. It’s not rocket science (it shouldn’t be).

What do you think? Would you try it?

I bought this vegetable slicer without any sponsorship (the Paderno vegetable slicer shown in the image below). I’m not endorsed to use this product (I know, I should have been but I’m not about that life yet). However, if you buy it through this Amazon affiliate link I get a tiny portion (to help run this blog) and it’s at no extra cost to you:


Also, I shared a link to Imperfect Produce for you to get $10 off your first order of healthy, delicious fruits and veggies for 30-50% less than grocery stores, delivered to your door. I tried the organic delivery order! Loved it.