On Day 8 of Blogmas, I’m revealing a secret.

Ladies and gentlemen, I must confess something.

I share my tips and advice, but I’ve been keeping something* from you guys.

I must tell you.

It is of utmost importance.

The world depends on it**

No, seriously, THE WORLD is counting on me to reveal this truth***

I always say “we” and never mention who that is.

And now I can FINALLY tell you.

The secret is…Jo! Jo is the one who I travel with! On this day of Blogmas, I’d like to introduce my partner in crime for this blog. We are travel buddies and she is no longer hiding in the “we” of all my posts! She has agreed to let her name be used and to shed some light on our travel adventures.

Let’s hear it for Jo!



We’re still two old souls embarking on this adventure called life with a sprinkle of wanderlust and foodie tendencies.

🙂 Cheers 😉

*She was nameless but always existed!

**The world doesn’t depend on it. Just kidding.

***I’m kidding almost throughout this entire post. 

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