I have mixed feelings towards shopping. I enjoy it but I also don’t…I like going out but I also don’t…I know, I’m so eloquent at expressing myself. Maybe the video I took of the experience (below) would help fill in the blanks. Stitch fix

I think I value convenience of shopping from home and the ability to research comparable products for the best price. Now this convenience comes at a compromise for I can’t try on any of the things that I’m interested in.

Why can’t I just be in two places at once?  – me everyday

Stitch Fix seems to solve this convenience and availability-to-try-on issue. It’s a subscription clothing stylist service. They send me a box of clothing/accessories based on a rather fun questionnaire that tries to gauge my tastes, I try the articles of clothing/accessories on, and if I don’t like  it then I send it back for free! The stylist helps assemble the clothing package.

It’s a monthly or however often you’d like subscription frequency model. I tried it since I had a free trial code (here’s my code if you’d like to also try it)

Here’s a video of the experience, what types of clothes they sent me, my reactions, etc. The packaging is cute! I really like getting new packages and having them delivered to my door… it’s like, oh, a gift for me? Ordered by me? How nice of me! Why, thank you, me.


I appreciate the personalized feel to the whole experience with their notes and stylist suggestions. It takes the guesswork out of the shopping experience but allows enough creative license to mix and match outfits. I didn’t end up getting anything from the box though as it didn’t really fit my tastes. The experience was fun and I may try it again.

I think they’re also rolling out a Men’s and Kids options which sound like great audience expansion initiatives! This is a great disruptor in the shopping marketplace, don’t you think?

Here’s a free trial for you to try a Stitch Fix box of clothing mailed to you for free.