A weekend get away at Morro Bay really hit the spot. Going north to Morro Bay, California turned out to be a pleasant short weekend trip. I’m a huge fan of sea otters, and we thought we might have the chance to see some adorable otters! And we indeed saw some!

Seeing sea otters in their natural (is it natural if it’s a boat dock?) habitat near a boat dock was very exciting. They basically swam like puppies of the sea. Fun and playful, the otters floated around each other in circles. Eventually they all settled into floating on their backs, closed their eyes, and basked in the sun.

When their fur appeared to be quite dry from the sun, the otters would wake up, twirl in the water, and resume their nap time.

After an hour of otter watching, we grew a bit hungry. There’s a charming strip of restaurants and shops along the pier. We grabbed some lunch at Dutchman’s which consisted of a sourdough bowl of chowder. There’s a clear view from the restaurant of the pier, so we had fun spotting otters bobbing their heads in and out of the water.

After lunch, we walked to our hotel. As we settled into the room at The Embarcadero Inn we noticed a single notebook placed on the bed. It had a black soft cover. We opened it and found pages filled with written notes about other travelers’ adventures. One even recommended where to eat and other places to check out while in Morro Bay. It felt quite personal, like one was reading a journal. We added our own journal entry of course after the trip to go along with the tradition!

The best part about our room was the fact that we could hear the ocean waves in the quiet of the night. The soft and subtle crashing of the waves minus the occasional seagull gawking made for a great lullaby.

The next morning we stopped by to say hi to the otters once again. There seemed to be much more! Note to self, there are more otters in the morning than later in the afternoon. As we waved to the otters, we made our way to The Rock.

The weather was perfect, a clear blue sky. The previous days were extremely windy. Once the weather cleared, the bugs came buzzing. Not a lot but enough to leave the screen door closed. I’m also pretty anti-insects.

There’s a giant rock that is a landmark monument. Kites were flown all along the shore, so the blue sky was dotted with white, graceful floating specks in the wind. The rock sits quite alone surrounded by the beach. It was a busy day with many people at the beach. They brought their own umbrellas and tents.

A walking path circles around The Rock. We drove to the parking lot nearby and walked along the path. The waves crashed into some jagged rocks nearby while fishermen tried their luck. We even saw a seagull get caught on a fishing line! That was hard to watch. I hope it turned out okay. I couldn’t watch to see how it was going to be freed.

Next up was dinnertime. Get a reservation at a restaurant with a clear view of the sunset, like The Galley. You simply can’t miss the sunset by the rock on a clear day. It is instagram-worthy, mesmerizing, and unforgettable. The pictures you will take will be wonderful.

All in all a relaxing trip with nature’s puppies of the sea (maybe I should get that trademarked).