Day 4 of my 12 Days of Blogmas where I’m blogging everyday for the next 12 days.

This is the inaugural worst travel moments 2018. We’ve traveled internationally from Florida to Japan and there were many beautiful memories in between, but alas people of the internet are probably most interested in our worst moments, right? Here we gooooo…

Repeated Restaurant Rejections (R.R.R.)

We were in Tokyo and the grandparents were walking their expected speed of gait for people in their 70s. Always wanting to be proactive and efficient, we (Jo and Glo) walked ahead of the rest of the group to grab a table (or two) for our party of two grandparents, 1 adult daughter of grandparents, 4 middle aged adults, plus us two. The total of 9 people seemed okay given that the restaurants we visited were large sit down restaurants.

However, the host/hostesses shook their head no to us repeatedly as though it would be too much of a burden to handle such a large party.

By the time we visited the 10th restaurant (I was tired of counting after the 10th rejection from Japanese hosts), we had taken elevators up to the 20th story of a nice hotel to trying a large restaurant situated in an underground subway to get rejected. It was tiring and kind of demoralizing, especially when we clearly saw open tables that could seat us. We all used English to ask and were polite in asking.

I got the feeling that they thought we were leading a tour group.

I was also tired of running around. It just wasn’t fun to scout around Tokyo hungry and having one host after another tell you to your face that you’re not going to be seated.

Just Don’t Do It

It was a learning lesson in many ways.

Don’t be proactive. Let the middle aged adults ask the host for a table for 9 which was like asking for the sun. Maybe the host will listen to them.

Don’t go in such large groups or make PLANS AHEAD and reservations if possible (sometimes it’s hard to please more than 2 people in a group when it comes to food preferences)

The only place that would take us was a grab your noodle soup place and find your own seat type of area.

tsukiji fish market so crowded

Go in small groups to enjoy these tight spaces

Grown Men Cutting and Shoving

Cutting people is reserved for Bon Qui Qui (played by comedian Angela Johnson) not grown men in one of the most populated amusement parks in the world.

There was no personal space either in Shanghai Disneyland. It was pretty awful. They repeatedly shoved past us to get ahead in the line or cut us when the line was moving around a bend. Others would try to block them as well. And sometimes a grown man would cut an entire school group of small children under the age of 10! They are not what we would honor with the word man.

Snoring on the Plane

I seriously don’t understand the evolutionary need to snore while sleeping.

Take a large obnoxious snorer and place it on a red-eye flight for 16 hours.

What do you get?

Well, he gets repeated kicking and shoving and a flight attendant literally shoving him awake to get him to be quiet because passengers who haven’t slept and are trying to sleep are going to do what it takes to get some shuteye.

No, we can’t just “sit in first class” to get our own sleeping section because we had booked economy from USA to Shanghai. We don’t always score credit card bonuses as if they always fall from trees.

Racist Travel Tour Guide

If one is a tour guide and one sees another group of tourists from seemingly Asia coming in one’s direction in a group, do not yell “Asian Invasion” or use any racially charged words when one’s own tour group has a couple of Asians.

Consider the “optics.”

It will influence tip significantly.

Smog Photo-Op

If someone had warned us that the pollution in Shanghai would be so heavy that we would not be able to see beyond a single river… well, we would have been more prepared with face masks and changed all photo-ops to another day with clear skies.

The weather app indicated that it was unhealthy. It didn’t lie about it and I hope that it continues to tell the truth because it reminds us to take care of this earth and the consequences if we don’t help.

smog shanghai

What were your worst travel moments?