Welcome to my glorious world!

Hi there! Welcome to my glorious world

What do I blog about? Travel and food.

San Francisco is my beloved home city, but I’ve spent some of my formative years in sunny Southern California (Los Angeles). I have lived in the best of both worlds… of California. There’s the whole rest of the world to explore. So, talk foodie to me, picture it for me, and live it up with me.

I’m excited to see what adventures await us.

From My World to Yours,


Eiffel Tower in Paris
Eiffel Tower in Paris

Where to Next?

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If you’re anything like me, you would love a packing list to reference and keep yourself sane while traveling. Lists for everything would...

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Planning a vacation to Disneyworld can get very complicated but if you’re reading this and doing your research, then props to you. This is a blog post about my favorite...

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We made it to the last Disney park in the world... Shanghai Disneyland. Did we think it was worth it?

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I have mixed feelings towards shopping. I enjoy it but I also don’t…I like going out but I also don’t…I know, I’m so eloquent at expressing myself. Maybe the video...
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Herb gardens, aren’t they cute and fun? Not to mention it’s a great way to introduce organic and fresh herbs to meals. Although, there’s not a whole of space to...