I traveled to New Orleans for a business trip and it was quite an experience. Staying at the French Quarter was the best location, easy walk to everything.

1. Beignets

The beignets have a denser consistency to them. They’re sugar powder dusted pillows of fried dough. What could be bad about them? 😉

Cafe du Monde and Beignet Cafe. were good places to get some beignets. The latter was suggested by our lyft driver who had the most pronounced and charming Southern accent. She was also very knowledgeable about the area and I remember she drove a Mercedes E class… for lyft! I never see that in the city.

2. The Drinks

So, I heard The Hurricane is a drink to try. I tried it and it was strong. The rum was strong in that one.

They don’t mess around. Or maybe they do mess around. Partying is a thing. I went on a weekday since I was there on business so it was relatively sober. Also, the streets could use a cleaning.

3. Everything looks different

They did a great job preserving the historical colonial feel. It transports you to another place in time and yet you know you’re in the new millennium. Quite a dichotomy. The architecture is worth taking a second look.

4. Nature

City Park is a vast area for scenic walks. There’s even the New Orleans Modern Art Museum. Abstract art sculptures line the walkways. I like watching the ducks (and even egrets? I don’t know what they are can someone please tell me) by the ponds, reminds me of my childhood

5. Seafood

HOW can one NOT go to New Orleans and try the seafood? New Orleans cajun and creole cuisine – flavorful, spicy, and fried. It’s like they brought Mardi Gras to your palette!! Just eat in moderation because of pollution from the Gulf.

A more upscale experience in the French Quarter: GW Fins

They had New Zealand John Dory (per waiter top 3 fish in the world) and delicious blue crab dumplings.

A good place to grab fried shrimp platters and shrimp po’ boys: Stanley

6. Candy shops

New Orleans pralines are everywhere in candy shops that also happen to be everywhere. There is one at every corner in the French Quarter

7. Horse drawn carriages

If there’s a place to live out your Gone with the Wind fantasies or something like that, you can ride a horse drawn carriage here in the French Quarter. They were everywhere, driven by women and men and the sound of horse hooves on the pavement is just part of the music of the city here.


Recommendations on where to stay:

Staying in the French Quarter was super convenient. Walking distance to everything. The Mississippi River (wow it was fun typing that word) runs adjacent to it. There’s a shopping mall that’s also walking distance as well. I didn’t do much shopping since sales tax is 10%.

When to go:
If you’re up for the hustle and bustle for Mardi Gras, you should go in April. However, a fall trip to New Orleans was chill.

All in all I’m looking forward to stopping by in New Orleans on the way to NYC or another East Coast city!

Here’s my video of clips showing the colorful architecture, delish food porn, and green scenery of New Orleans 🙂