Highlights of My Time at Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo DisneySea in Japan is a feast for the eyes. The beautiful and realistic structures capture your imagination and take you on an adventure. This Aztecan-inspired monument transports you into another world. There were also torches of fire along the walkways, but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture.




Tokyo DisneySea – Temple of the Crystal Skull

This structure brings you to Indiana Jones ride, Temple of the Crystal Skull. This ride is associated with the movie. It’s quite the adventure! Find it at Tokyo Disney Sea. Lines were not over 30 minutes during the early spring months

hktokyo-163 pirate theme


There are more pirate-themed attractions in these parks. The Disneyland in Anaheim has the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but I think that’s pretty much in terms of décor. Here in Tokyo there are even play structures that are pirate-themed. I don’t think I was allowed to go in the boat that you see on the left-hand side of the picture, so I was a little bummed. They created an illusion of a shoreline so it looks like the ship is washed ashore.

I also like how there are so many palm trees. It makes me feel like I’m on a tropical island.

Underwater Adventures at Disney Sea

There’s a section that’s devoted to Ariel. They’ll submerge you in ocean-like décor and you’ll become one fish in this large sea of many schools of “fish.” But be mindful of your fellow fish:

This is so freaking adorable!


There’s an entire kingdom of Poseidon that stands majestically before you:


Then between the coral or coves, there’s a path that leads to an experience of going below sea level!



It’s dark here just like in real life. But it’s not scary… because there’s life bursting under the sea!

It was dark in there, so I apologize for the poor quality of these photos



The rides are also very cute. Flounder was my favorite character from The Little Mermaid, so you can imagine my excitement to see multiple versions of fish like Flounder replicated everywhere!



There were a lot of rides for the kiddies…who were probably half a body shorter than us… but we were still able to go on the rides despite the height differential.

Gosh this place is so much fun! But, I guess, the seaweed is always greener in some one else’s lake!

(Sebastian has a way with words, no?)

Magical Night of Lights

Do you ever feel like there’s a quiet enchantment in the air? I felt like I was strolling through Disney Sea in a dream. At night, the park is still alive but there’s something calming about a day spent seeing new sights, new food, and new thrills and then settling down into the night here. These lights illuminated the park in a spectacular pattern of soft white.


There’s a lake in the middle; hence, the glowing illuminated reflections.


It was nothing short of magical.hktokyo-151