ugly kitchen meal prep recipes

Use these meal prep recipes to get more time out of your day.

If you live a fast-paced life like me and hate cooking and washing dishes, I have super easy recipes to share FOR YOU. Pack these for lunch throughout the week and have this dinner ready for you in the fridge so you can have more time to do better things!

These meal preparation recipes that I make with my best friend cost less than $10 per meal.

These recipes are time-saving. Money-saving. Life-saving. (okay that’s a stretch probably). Anyway, it’s anything but beautifully photographed with a Nikon Nimbus1,000,000XP-7PlusGalaxy with a Coolpix70DDeltaDeltaDeltaSigma lens. Thus, welcome to my ugly kitchen: another side of this food blogging world.

Lunch or Dinner

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