We’ve traveled all over Los Angeles trying new boba places. Our lives are busy but there’s time for boba. Trust this list for great boba. We only go to good boba places 😉

I like lists, don’t you? Making lists help with organization and storage of information. As I find myself quite forgetful these days, lists are fantastic ways to keep things in order.

Why boba? Well, boba is a cultural conversation.

Good boba is a life changer. #bobalife

We evaluate boba based on criteria that reviews the consistency of the boba, flavor and creativity of the drink itself, and the boba buying customer experience.

Without further ado, here’s our list of favorite boba places. By the way we weren’ t compensated in anyway for writing this blog post.

Roasting Water

Grade: A

This boba place is a bit out of the way if you don’t live central to Los Angeles. It’s in Westminister as well as other locations outside of central LA. The drinks come in glass jars with corks and the drinks have special designs (think gilded flowers, corgi butts, circus themed – it switches up from time to time).

You might bring home a different drink container each time! The drinks come with a variety of fruit and toppings from pitaya to lychee to basil seeds and everything in between.

Personal favorites?

Heavenly Kiss (blended strawberry and mango topped with fresh strawberry and mango chunks)

Strawberry Kiss (strawberry shaken tea with strawberry chunks)

Hot Passion (passion fruit shaken tea with kumquats, basil seeds, and orange slices)

best boba roasting water

Westminister, CA

Tea Brick

Grade: A

There’s something very cool about the lychee mojito boba (there’s no alcohol though). We also like the Cristine and the Vanessa boba which are fruit smoothies.

And, don’t forget the corgi butts on the drink bottles. Very adorable (corgis just make everything better).

Monterey Park, CA


Grade: A-

The hype of the salty cream cheese foam sitting on top of a tea drink is real.

I find the richness in the cookies and cream drink is very soothing for my soul. I can feel the fat layer forming in my love handles.

Jo likes the matcha creme brulee drink! The creme brulee is injected onto the bottom of the drink.

You can drink the foam after when it falls to the bottom of the cup as a nice finish or you can mix it into the drink.

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Koala T

Grade: A-

Full disclosure we’re a little biased since the founders are UCLA alumni. We found this boba place in the heart of Westwood to be a game changer in the neighborhood.

We enjoy the custom menu (choose a lemonade from lychee, peach, original) and the variety of toppings (almond/lychee jellies, boba, etc).

Lychee lemonade with boba is so refreshing. The Milky Way (iced milk with boba) is pictured here.

best boba koala t cafe

Westwood Los Angeles, CA


Grade: A-

Passion fruit green tea and the butterfly rose lemonade boba are delicious. Boba add-on is free on Tuesdays! (Extra points for discounts)

Downtown Los Angeles, CA


Grade: B+

The line for this boba drink place is always out the door which is great because it means the boba is always fresh (but that also means that there’s always a wait!). Our favorites are the Passion fruit green tea boba and the Wintermelon boba drink.

Fountain Valley, CA

It’s Boba Time

Grade: C

Satisfies the boba fix, but there are some inconsistencies in the flavors and sweetness. The service is also a hit or miss depending on whether they’re staffed or not.

Westwood Los Angeles, Rancho Park, etc. (chain)

Red Straw

Grade: B+

This place is hot for the west side. They make the fruit teas to order (expect to wait 6-7 minutes) and the place comes off as very clean and bright. It’s also inside Westfield Century City Mall, so you could shop around while also getting some good boba. Also, the drinks are around a whopping $6. Pricey.

Personal favorites:

French Daisy (Jasmine green tea with fresh lemon, enhanced with striking natural colors from butterfly pea – pictured below)

New Zealand Sunny Slopes (blend of natural kiwi, strawberry, apple, and other natural fruit; “High in Vitamin C”)

french daisy at red straw


I know boba is a staple of Asian/Asian American food, so many people without exposure to the multicultural experience haven’t tried it. It’s a great way to mix up the coffee routine. Where are your favorite boba places?

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