hong kong disneyland food

Oh, what a dazzling chandelier with lotus flowers holding light bulbs. It’s such a delicate and elaborate light fixture that I had to take a picture of it. Anyway, we ate at the Crystal Lotus Disneyland Dim Sum Restaurant.  It was a great experience. Although pricey, the food was pretty good.

hktokyo 088

This is the fried soft shell crab. They think they’re fancy, serving it in a golden crab. Ugh i love it. It came with this tart plum sauce that paired pretty well.

hktokyo 092

Annndddd of course the delightfully cute desserts. I call the cocoa covered mickey.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the dim sum. It was above our budget sadly. But next time, for sure I’m diving into some cute shaped mickey dim sum.