When I see mickey-shaped things, anything – cookies, windows, pillows, car chargers, Christmas ornaments, toilet seat covers – something inside of me lights up. Disney has managed to condition me to associate this little mouse with joy and laughter. (Best marketing scheme of all time, really).

So, I stop by Hong Kong Disneyland as part of my bucket list of goals to visit all the disney lands of the world.

Let the journey begin! It’s off to a magnificent start. We take the monorail and I notice the MICKEY SHAPED WINDOWS OMG

Hong Kong Disneyland Monorail

Hong Kong Disneyland Monorail

And hold on tight, ladies and gentlemen, to these MICKEY SHAPED HANDLES. My little palms are having so much fun.

*dies of cuteness*

*dies of cuteness*

I sway around on these adorable handles (if only all types of public transportation were this creative and fun to ride) and soon enough the monorail comes to a slowing halt.

Pass the turnstiles and long ticket lines, I finally get to main street and Ilook up ahead and see in all its glory,


Hong Kong Disneyland Castle

Hong Kong Disneyland Castle

It’s a bright, sunny, and HOT day. It is sweaty and gross, but the thrill of being in a place of such excitement and energy is all I really feel.

I’m determined to get a picture in front of the castle, so you make your way down main street. And maybe you do feel how hot it is despite the overcast. I basically feel like I’m in a very miniature version of Disneyland in Anaheim because everything is in English! (super convenient)

And as I get closer and closer to the castle. I see that it’s actually really small… And everything is small here! The park? The castle?


There are too many people, but I still manage to maneuver through the crowds. You buy a drink and notice a customized napkin.

hktokyo 068

If you’re like me, you’re tempted to take home and collect customized disneyland things like this

Hong Kong Disneyland is SMALL and tickets are cheaper than any other Disneyland I’ve been to. So that’s fair.

But it’s really small.

Like tiny. tiny.

How tiny?

Spent 2 hours there. Tops. We were done with the park in a measly 120 minutes.

Of course, the parades were something to keep us occupied.

I got a picture of Snow White because I wondered if Snow White would be Asian or not. It was a silly question at the time now that I think about it.

Snow White, hi

Snow White, hi. She is indeed white.


AND OMG, people tried to cut us in line at least twice while waiting in line for the rides. That was unpleasant. Like, quit stomping around in my little happy bubble right here.


All in all, it’s a quaint little piece of Disney and each land in the world seems to have its own feel to it. I’m curious which land others like the most and if they particularly enjoy or hate one of them.


As Peter Pan would say, away we gooooo…