Some budget friendly and some splurge-y activities for the young and old based on our trip to Japan with a group of friends in our twenties. BUT don’t you assume that these activities are only for those in their twenties, we’re sure these activities appeal to people of all ages in some way. Whether it’s your budget or travel preferences, these activities are recommended for the premier experience in Tokyo Japan.

Budget Friendly/Some of These are FREEE:

1. Nishiki Market

2. Cup Noodle Museum
3. Ramen Noodle Museum
4. Fushimi Shrine
5. Akihibara
6. Hachi Station
7. Tsukigi Fish Market
8. Shibuya Crossing (landmark and shopping)

9. Harajuku (shopping and HEDGEHOGS)hedgehog cafe holding a hedgehog in my hand


1. Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea
2. Try Blowfish (eat at your own risk)
3. Try Wagyu Beef

Want to know how to plan your vacation? Follow our adventure guide posted here which is a day by day account of what we did and how we got around! We did most of these things from this list.

Only interested in all things Disney? I’m like that as well. Here are my posts about Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.


Want some more visuals? This video posted on YouTube hits most of these places! Beware the footage of the fugu (blowfish)… it is not for the weak: