At the time, I thought that eating blow fish (fugu) was a dangerous and deadly poisonous endeavor. So, as a sensible gal in her twenties, I said why not try it? Needless to say, my experience was unexpected. Some people told me that the chef tries it before serving it to you as a test. Hmm.

blowfish in tank front of shop

Look at the blowfish in the front of this blowfish restaurant in Japan. Just minding their own business

I survived. And it wasn’t too bad.

It came in sushi form:


Carpaccio form:


carpacchio blowfish

Soup form (pictured without the fish in it):

soup blow fish

And in salad form, which is similar to raw form:

blowfish salad

The seating area was very fun and private!


blowfish restaurant

Tastes just like fish! It also came in FRIED form which is oh so delicious as well!


How did we find this place? We asked the hotel concierge for their local favorite for blowfish and it turned out to be pretty good and not too outrageously overpriced. Now, to figure out how to find this place again…