Hong Kong offers a lot of seafood to watch and eat. And yes, I said watch! Exhibit A:


hong kong fish market


Like wow! I usually got to Chinese restaurants in San Francisco and see small version of this. However, the first time I saw this it reminded of an aquarium.


Does anyone know why these shells have black marks?

Does anyone know why these shells have black marks?

We ate at a restaurant that said  that if we order a seafood dish, they’ll use the fresh seafood on display for the dish. We didn’t see it happen, but it’s a nice thing to do. I haven’t seen that in America yet!

But, wait, I bet you haven’t seen this before. All I can say is that this is quite the pre-historic creature…

hong kong

This lobster/shrimp thing is called something that is similar to “pee” so my best friend calls it “pee pee shrimp.” It’s so scary looking, but it’s cool in a weird way.

And this guy looks very slick, watching me with a side-eye:


hong kong

“Don’t you even think about eating me.”

And these cute sea creatures look like they’re even smiling at me and playing peek-a-boo:


hktokyo 055

How could I eat these guys. They’re so cute.

And what about these blue lobsters? I’ve never seen such blue and vibrant lobsters before:

hong kong lobster

For some reason, I can’t imagine these creatures being pan fried and served on a plate. They just seem so colorful and exotic, like aquarium fish.

Here’s what we ended up ordering:

hong kong

The “pee pee shrimp,” fried squid, and some vegetables. The “pee pee shrimp” was a little difficult to eat because of the shell. It was similar to eating crab, lots of cracking and picking meat out of the body. (Gosh, the way I have to describe eating crab just sounds so gruesome, no wonder people become vegetarians)

The seafood was nicely seasoned and very tasty! Salty and crispy, the dinner was very filling. Paired with a nice beer, it really hit the spot.